Recent scientific evidence confirms that good health, efficient and positive brain activity, and good quality of life are the result of a clean and friendly microbiome.

The microbiome is the basis for balanced and efficient body metabolism, hormonal status, and the whole-body system functioning.

The balanced function of the immune system depends directly on the composition of the human microbiome. PuraBiom system is especially important for pregnant women and families with newborns and young children, due to the microbiome influence on the physical and mental development of children.

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About Purabiom

About Us

Our story

PuraBiom is the result of innovation developments and environment friendly technologies.

PuraBiom is designed for the protection and prevention of your environment, waters and nature from chemical contamination and the modified and pathogenic microbiome. Purabiom offer for the  you clean, natural and human microbiome-friendly products. The goal is to replace existing environment-polluting products with friendly to you and nature.

Join us for protection nature and waters from pollution with the chemicals, mass use of disinfectants and antibiotics, because it causes changes in the microbiome and human health problems.

Line concept

Purabiom product line concept

Purabiom product line is approved by dermatologists, pediatricians and allergists as suitable for use in sensitive skin and families with infants. The components used in the production of purabiom product line are only natural, plant-based, organic and vegan. The composition does not contain fragrances or synthetic dyes. Contains probiotics to create probiotic protection.

Products are microbiome and environmentally friendly and nature protecting.

Friendly to nature and animals helps prevent irritation and allergies to animals. Neutralizes bad odors, retains a natural feeling of cleanliness without additional aromas. Friendly to your health and easy to use at home, at work, in nursing homes and even in small rooms or cars.
Economical, convenient to transport, because concentrated. Protects your environment, nature and biom.
A place where nature and the latest innovations meet.

Products are microbiome and environmentally friendly and nature protecting.

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