Recent scientific evidence confirms that good health, efficient and positive brain activity, and good quality of life are the result of a clean and friendly microbiome.

The microbiome is the basis for balanced and efficient body metabolism, hormonal status, and the whole-body system functioning.

The balanced function of the immune system depends directly on the composition of the human microbiome. PuraBiom system is especially important for pregnant women and families with newborns and young children, due to the microbiome influence on the physical and mental development of children.

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Privacy policy

Milda  AG Switzerland respects every visitor’s right to privacy.

Visitors at www.purabiom.com have information (cookies) recorded on their computers. This is necessary so that all functions of the website run as appropriate. At the start of a visit, the visitor is displayed information about the use of cookies and is requested to give a consent.

www.purabiom.com also reserves the right to analyse user behaviour on its website, purchases, and other actions using Google Analytics and other tools. This is done to be able to present users with tailored offers and make using the website even more convenient. www.purabiom. does not store this information separately. Information about Google’s privacy policy is available here.

By registering or placing an order without registration and by accepting the Terms of Use, visitors submit the following data:

The buyer’s and/or user’s name and last name, e-mail address, phone number, address, consent to receive information.

The system also obtains the client’s IP address.

The www.purabiom.com website offers buyers a possibility pay for their orders via systems of external service providers. By choosing the appropriate system, the buyer submits their data to that system and Milda AG does not process or store that data in any way. The following payment systems are available at the www.purabiom.com website:

Stripe (privacy policy information available here)

Paypal (privacy policy information available here)
The security of data and payments is ensured with an SSL certificate.
Milda  AG does not assume any responsibility for incorrect or misleading data submitted by its visitors.

Every visitor may approach the company over incorrect data and Milda  AG is obligated to correct them. This can be done via the user account or by using the contact details available at the website.

Every visitor has the right to withdraw any previous consent given.

Visitor personal data are collected and processed for the following purposes:

processing orders;
ensuring client feedback;
issuing financial documents (such as invoices);
performing other contractual obligations;
keeping in touch with the clients on matters relating to the supply of goods and services;
direct marketing purposes.
Data submitted are stored in the system for as long as the clients continue to use the services.

Every client may use the contact details available at the website to obtain complete information about their personal data processed by  Milda AG

Every client has the right to delete their account and have their data removed from the www.purabiom.com   system.

Purchase data are stored for a minimum period of 5 years.

Milda  AG has the right to analyse non-personal client and purchase data for statistical purposes.

www.purabiom.com undertakes to take every step to duly protect the personal information of visitors and clients. www.purabiom.com
undertakes to use visitors’ personal information for the purposes outlined in the present Policy only but reserves the right to transfer visitor information to third parties exclusively in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Switzerland and the European Union.

If you have any doubt that www.purabiom.com may be processing your data in violation of the legal requirements for data protection, please contact www.purabiom.com using its contact details and we will make every effort to dispel your doubts and correct any errors as may occur.

The present Policy will apply to all visitors at the website at the moment of their visit. Milda  AG reserves the right to modify this Policy without further notice. Milda AG will publish information of any modifications of the Policy at its website, but buyers must check the Policy rules and follow them every time they place an order.

On all matters relating to this Policy please contact:
Milda AG 

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